Lay Me Bare

An Open Letter: Lay Me Bare

I am not a flash of lightning or a passing storm
I am a force of fucking nature
Did you think of me as a whiff of delicate perfume?
Something you might have glanced out of
the corner of your eye?
I am not a temporary tattoo you can wash away,
I make you feel things in your solar plexus
I am not a spring flower in bloom,
I am an eternal garden of Eden
I scatter myself into every corner of my world
& yours too.
I am not just a shooting star, I am the night sky
under which you dream your secret dreams.
I am not a sweet treat, I am the beehive filled with honey
I am not the comfort food you want, I am the medicine you need
I don’t go down easy
Did you think I was just another sunset?
Beautiful but easy to forget?
I am the way the Sun feels on your face during
an afternoon nap
I am the shiver down your spine
Did you think I was a snow day? Boy, I am an ice age
I am not the fire you built, I can fan my own flames
& yours too
Did you think I was just passing through?
Something you might use to get There?
I am not something you wear
I don’t want to get naked,
I want you to lay me bare

Tell Me How U RLY Feel Tho

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