hi I’m niko


& I’m in a love-hate relationship with words

My writing explores liminal spaces,  what it means to love and be loved, and the tenderness and ambiguity of the human experience. My work is about witnessing, reconciling, unraveling and tending to what’s long-lost. The longer I live–the more there is to contend with. The longer I write–the more I soften. 

You can find me IRL in the backcountry of the Sierra mountains or at the top of a hill in San Francisco, where I live with my husband. My first manuscript is a permanent work in progress.

I am the firstborn child of an incarcerated father and a single mother who raised me to raise hell. My parents grew up without the luxury of learning the language of the heart. My lineage is filled with conflict and chaos, and secrets swept under the rug. I am from coldness and distance, closed doors and denial. I am the first member in my bloodline to go to college, to publish words, to recover. I was never supposed to get this far, and yet I’m still here. All things considered, I am healing at miraculous rates.

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Creative inquires: nikowriteordie@gmail.com


I am relentless about exploring what I love and writing about whatever arises. Be sure to follow my IG @nikoabitbol to keep up. Stay tuned. Stay here.

xo neek